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  • Smart Meters: The Next Big Thing in Solving the Energy Crisis

    The electrical companies in India are having a ball what with the launch of smart meters recently. Smart meters are named so because of their ability.....

  • Five Ways to Safeguard Your Home from Electrical Hazards

    When it comes to electrical wiring, you have to accept the fact that it is everywhere. And, it only takes a little accident to burn your property to the ground.HPL, one of the best electrical companies in India ........

  • The Future of Modular Electrical Wiring Systems

    Electrical wiring systems have seen significant improvements particularly with the onset of modular wiring systems and accessories. The modular systems have benefits over their hardwired ........

  • A Guide to Reading Electricity Meter Readings

    A digital power consumption meter is a window into the electricity you have consumed. It is therefore important that you understand how to take the measurements accurately...

  • Smart Energy Meters Will Optimise Energy Consumption in India

    Energy meter manufacturers in India have received a boost from recent development in the energy industry. Recently, the Asian Development Bank has announced the introduction of smart meters in India in its rural areas....

  • Five Advantages that MCBs have over Fuses

    Did you know that your electrical equipment can be damaged irrevocably from power overloads? Most fire accidents across the country are a result of a power overload that was not cut off at the right time. To protect your techno gadgets and equipment, it is wise to use a fuse or an MCB.

  • Modern Electrical Accessories Paving Way to a Safer Future

    Technology has brought about a dramatic change, one of them being the safety it renders to generations.....

  • The Popularity of PVC for Wires and Instrumentation Cables

    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a popular material among wire and cable manufacturers in India and other industries....

  • Four Simple Ways to Lower Your Next Electricity Bill

    Do you think your electricity meter is playing tricks on you?

    The chances are you are getting sky-high electricity bills when you think you haven?t consumed THAT much energy. Well, you are not alone! Different seasons affect the consumption of energy at homes and....

  • Modular Switches: Benefits and Features

    Modular switches have become a popular electrical accessory in India. They offer a wide range of benefits over the conventional models of switches. In addition to being safe, convenient, and easy to use, modular switches are come in attractive designs...

  • How do Electric Meters Work

    The electric meter installed in your home is the device that allows the utility department to charge you monthly on the amount of energy you have consumed. The electric meter measures the current flow through the service entrance and into your personal electrical service panel. As you would already know, electric......

  • Difference between Smart and Analogue Meters

    Electric meters measure the amount of electricity used in a commercial or residential building. They can be either analogue meters or digital meters, which are also known as smart meters. Both types of meters provide the data on the electricity.......

  • What is Grounding and Why is it Important

    Whether it is a commercial building or your home, grounding is essential to ensuring electrical safety. What does it mean to need a ground? How does it ensure that the safety of your employees and your loved ones? We will look at electrical grounding and its mechanics. The ground wire is dug into the earth, hence the name, outside the house.

  • Three Reasons why your Circuit Breaker keeps Tripping

    A circuit breaker is a device that prevents electrical damage. By cutting off the electrical flow to an overheated or damaged circuit, the circuit breaker dismantles any fire that may break out by a short circuit. This function of a circuit breaker makes it absolutely essential for homes and commercial lighting. When heated, the circuit breaker shuts down automatically showing a red tripping alert.

  • When to Change and Upgrade Your Electrical Outlets

    Electrical outlets are like people. They will tell you when they need to be changed. Here are some signs that outlets show when it is time to replace them.There may be times when an outlet doesn't need replacement but an upgrade. In most cases, advances in technology may offer better electrical solutions and advantages. Here are a few occasions when you can consider upgrading your outlets.

  • 7 Ways to Cut Down on Your Next Electricity Bill

    The call for energy conservation is not just about the judicious use of resources but also about saving expenses. When taken care, it could help in lowering the consumption and expenses. Here are some ideas. Energy-star appliances meet the energy efficiency norms.The higher the rating, the better the appliance at cutting down on energy consumption.

  • 5 Reasons When You Should Call Your Electrician

    Minor electrical issues are usually easily solved but then there are other issues, which can linger on. These issues may require the seeing eye of an electrician. Wisdom is to know when to immediately call one. Here are the top five reasons. These faults require an electrician particularly if you have them repeatedly during a short period of time.Regular trips are a tell-tale sign that there....

  • Four Ways to Raise Energy-Smart Kids

    A smaller carbon footprint is essential to have a cleaner world. For the upcoming generations, it would mean a better world; but how do we raise kids who are energy-smart It is no longer about nagging them to turn off the lights when they are not in use or teaching them to use LED lighting. Raising energy-smart kids would require instilling good habits concerning the.......

  • Converting Footsteps into Clean Energy

    Innovation can come from extraordinary corners. In one such extraordinary innovation, a company based in North London is trying to create a new pavement that will harvest electricity. The pavement will harness the energy stored while walking upon it and convert it into clean electricity

  • Is it Paint or Liquid Electrical Wire

    When in 2009, four young artists created a conductive paint, the cosmetic industry regulations ditched their effort. But that did not stop them. They began focusing on using the paint as a paintable wire. The tech industry was quick to notice the future of this paint, and today it has become a most sought after invention.

  • A Potential Solution to World Hunger

    In an astonishing new invention, a single-cell protein produced using carbon dioxide and electricity has been propounded as the solution to world’s hunger. The study conducted jointly by Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has created a protein, which can be produced wherever renewable energy is available.

  • New Protein Produced: A Potential Solution to World Hunger

    In an astonishing new invention, a single-cell protein produced using carbon dioxide and electricity has been propounded as the solution to world's hunger. The study conducted jointly by Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has created a protein.....