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The Future of Modular Electrical Wiring Systems


The modular systems have benefits over their hardwired alternatives and are known to reduce on-site installation by as much as 70 per cent.

The modular electrical wiring system involves technological solutions, including the use of advanced quality manufacturing techniques and materials. This significantly reduces the installation procedure and the costs involved; in addition, the cutting edge technology promotes greater safety and output. As opposed to the traditional wiring circuits, a factory-assembled and fully tested system provides solutions for small- and large-scale projects. But that is not all, modular systems come with the latest accessories such as the Tuff Solo Switches that are engineered to prevent accidents and promote trouble-free operations.

Another difference between the traditional and modular electrical wiring systems is the duration and extent of on-site electrical connections. The design in the modular system makes it perfect for easy installation. Because the system is designed and produced in a controlled environment, it is supplied to the site in a pre-assembled state. This eliminates any need for on-site connections and reduces the number of working professionals required to carry out the installation. Significantly, its advantages are in the shortened installation time, safety, and health.

The modular electrical wiring systems are becoming popular for their high degree of versatility and flexibility. They offer both not just to the end-user but also to the installer. The modular approach is known for its long-term performance particularly because the risk element for the installer and the end-user is reduced. Site waste and cable snagging, two of the most common issues with traditional wiring systems, are reduced or eliminated. This brings great safety on the site. Quality assurance is guaranteed because the modular approach uses a controlled environment to test the wiring accessories. Prefabricated and pre-assembled cables and wires provide a high-performance for small and large units. They are reliable solutions and are flexible in that re-installation would not cost much in money and time.

The electrical wiring and accessories sector is gradually evolving and taking up new technologies and methods of construction. Not only is there a new skilled force ready but the sector is also learning to become prefabricated, lean, and green. This is promising particularly in a period when on-time and within-budget are the two main expectations of projects. Costs savings can be achieved with the modular wiring systems. Yet there is a lot more road to cover and modular wiring systems are no different. More markets need to embrace the new integrated systems and particularly markets like India and the Middle East will need to look seriously at this development. Until then, the industry will need to make up for its lack of planning and space needs to be introduced for modular wiring systems and what they can offer. It should be considered right at the outset.

In the next ten years, the electrical wiring and accessories sector in India will grow to accept the modular system. They are likely to become the norm and we will be able to reach efficiency better than before.

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