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Changeover switches - Hpl India

A changeover switch is used to move electricity during a blackout from the public power system to a nearby generator. They are also referred to as "transfer switches" and immediately link to the house, the commercial power supply, or line.

A changeover switch is an electrical switch that is designed to transfer power from one electrical source to another, preferably from a commercial power grid to a local generator. They are used during power outages to continue the flow of electricity or when the power needs to be switched between different supplies. Changeover switches can be used in residential spaces because power cuts are common in homes. These switches keep the electrical devices running and allow normal operation or any negative impact on people. 

Changeover switches are beneficial devices because they come with overload protection and automatic switching to prevent any damage to your equipment in case of power transfer. As they automatically detect power outages, they are safe to use in residential homes, commercial spaces, and even critical infrastructure. 

How Does A Changeover Switch Work?

Changeover switches consist of electrical contacts that make or break connections between the load and the power sources. The switch ensures that the load is connected to only one power source at a time, preventing a simultaneous connection that could lead to electrical hazards.

Changeover switches can be categorized into manual switches and automatic switches, depending on the requirements. Manual changeover switches are used in smaller settings such as residential spaces where it demands manual intervention to allow the transfer of power. On the other hand, an automatic changeover switch automatically initiates power transfer to another power source by detecting an outage. This type of changeover switch is preferred in settings where an uninterrupted power supply is essential such as in industries, construction sites, or commercial buildings. 

Changeover switch functions 

Changeover switches facilitate the seamless transfer of power between the main grid and backup generators, ensuring uninterrupted server and network operations. Remote Sites: Off-grid or remote sites that rely on alternative power sources like solar panels or wind turbines can benefit from changeover switches.

A changeover switch functions by supporting the electrical connections of the primary grid circuits to the alternate generator to which the power will be shifted in case of an outage or emergency. The changeover switch performs this operation either manually or automatically. The generator when activated supplies power to the settings, whether a home or a commercial space in case the main power grid loses power. 

When the main power grid does not receive power due to an outage, the generator set up in the home or a commercial space supplies electricity and protects the electrical equipment from breaking down due to the sudden power outage. This is performed by the changeover switch which gets activated every time there is a power outage or a power transfer needs to be performed, thus avoiding potential safety hazards. 

Due to their outstanding reliability and energy-saving properties, changeover switches can be used in data networks and telecommunication, industrial processes and factories, medical facilities, including hospitals, facilities for education, shopping centers, storage facilities, and small and medium-sized enterprises

If you are on the lookout for a safe, reliable, and secure method of power transfer, then you can trust HPL, the manufacturer of one of the best electrical changeover switches in India.   HPL Electric & Power Ltd. offers a range of high-quality changeover switches that meet international quality standards and ensure smooth power transfer between different sources, whenever needed. 

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