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Special cables with HPL India


Special cables

The terms "wires" and "cables" are widely used in the electrical and communications industries. These names might occasionally cause confusion since they sound alike but are completely different. A wire is a single conductor, but a cable is a collection of conductors, and this is the primary distinction between wires and cables. Three wires make up a cable: a grounding wire, a neutral wire that completes the loop, and a hot wire that transmits energy. The gauge and total number of wires in a cable are used to categorise it.


Types of HPL special cables - 

Control cable: Control cables are moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and damage-proof, and can be installed in tunnels or cable trenches. Control cable directly transmits electrical energy from the power system's distribution point to the power connection lines of various electrical equipment and appliances. 

There are several flat and weaved special cables applications, including, but not exclusively for :

  • Power distribution
  • Assembly Lines
  • Robotics

Instrumentation Cable: Instrumentation cables can withstand abrasion and flame contact and are also appropriate for usage in non-industrial settings. This cable can be used in circuits with voltages of up to 300 or 600 volts. Instrumentation cable is used in industrial automation, process control, and other applications that demand precision control and measurement to carry electrical signals and power. Instrumentation cable is typically found in facilities that use process automation, such as chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, mining, and water treatment.


Instrumentation cables are classified into:

  • Overall Shielded Pairs/Triads
  • Individually Shielded Pairs/Triads.

Solar Cable: Solar cable is composed of numerous insulated wires wrapped in an outer jacket. They are used by professionals to connect solar panels and other photovoltaic system components. They are resistant to UV rays, high temperatures, and weather. They are frequently installed outside or within solar panels. The number of wires and gauge of solar cables are used to classify them. 

The three types of cables are utilised in a PV system are:


  • Direct current (DC) solar cables: Direct current (DC) solar cables are typically single core copper wires with insulation and sheathes. They are utilised in PV solar panels and are supplied with the necessary connectors. DC solar cables are integrated into the panels and cannot be replaced. String DC solar wire may be necessary in some cases to connect it to additional panels.
  • Solar DC main cables: Main DC cables are larger power collector cables that connect the positive and negative cables from the generator junction box to the central inverter. The most common main DC cable diameters are solar cable 2mm, solar cable 4mm, and solar cable 6mm.
  • Solar AC connecting cables: The solar AC connecting cable connects the solar power inverter to the protective equipment and the electricity grid.

Why Choose HPL for Special Cables for Residential and Commercial purposes

With access to the most recent advances in material science, HPL is one of the best wire and cable manufacturers in India, providing cables with the greatest possible performance. Additionally, HPL's comprehension of application requirements throughout is a guarantee of strong performance. 

The ISO 9001 Quality System Standard is adhered to by the HPL Quality Management System. The fact that HPL is certified to the ISO 9001 standard shows that it has created written procedures to ensure complete compliance with all of the requirements of the standard and that every department within the business follows these procedures. This guarantees that the products leaving the HPL factory are of the highest quality and completely satisfy each customer's needs.

Being among the best producers of control cables, HPL creates them with the intention that customers will exercise the same level of prudence in their choice and use. Safety is a top priority at HPL, and strict standards are upheld everywhere. HPL is proud of its track record for safety.



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