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Smart meter companies in India


Although there has long been a convergence between smart meters, India and distribution automation, HPL electric & power ltd meter has introduced cutting-edge new generation of smart meters. 


A smart meter monitors the utility energy use on the device or outlet to which it is connected. For instance, a smart meter attached to a natural gas connection keeps track of the amount of therms used. As families and companies increasingly try to reduce their energy usage, smart meter, rail meter or a bidirectional meter adoption has skyrocketed in recent years. The "smart" element of the meter allows it to regulate the flow of the resource being utilised, such as natural gas, water, or electricity. Remote operation of the meter is also possible.


Power factor, energy consumption, and other crucial data are recorded by smart power meters. For improved transparency, system monitoring, and invoicing, smart power meters send the information to the customer and utility operators. The foundation of smart metering is a set of communication tools that gather and transmit data to a centralised management platform.


Uses of Smart Meters, India

There is no denying that when it comes to energy metering solutions, smart meters have become the new standard. Given their cognitive capabilities, these smart solutions are increasingly being used by many cities and nations to promote efficiency and sustainability. The smart, rail meters or bidirectional meters are superior to their conventional counterparts in the following ways.


  • Make your bills more accurate.
  • Customers can monitor their consumption.
  • There is no need to deploy specialised experts to read meters.
  • decreases electricity waste and contributes to sustainability

How Smart Meters, India help reduce the electricity bills?

You can see your power consumption more clearly with smart meters. You can adjust your energy usage by using it to check how and where you're spending it. Additionally, it offers superior trackability, allowing you to keep track of how much energy you use right now, as well as over the course of the week, the month, and even the year. which is best? Your mobile app makes all of this information available.

In a similar way, it offers utility operators information that let them manage energy outflow according to peak and off-peak hours, conserving both energy and the resources used to produce it.

Smart Meter Companies driving energy conservation and safety across Indian homes

HPL is one of the smart metering companies developed a specialised smart metering cybersecurity solution that is unmatched in the market by drawing on decades of experience in digital security across industries with high demands. Genuine devices are safeguarded by Thales end-to-end security, which also guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of metering data to ensure that it is only accessible by approved ecosystem players. HPL electric & power ltd meter’s cutting-edge solution is beneficial to developers, maintenance companies, and end users. 

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