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How to avoid electric shocks during monsoon?


How to avoid electric shocks during monsoon? There are a lot of reasons to love the rainy season. The heatwaves are gone along with the need to keep your air conditioners running continuously. Although accidents brought about by the combination of electricity and monsoon is few and select, they still happen and can be fatal. Always opt for fittings and fixtures of reputed electrical accessories manufacturers to eliminate chances of accidents emanating from electrical hazards. Note that rains inflict massive damage on electrical components than any other seasons and hence, precautions should be taken accordingly. To avoid electrical hazards which occur during the rainy season, you should follow the tips enlisted below.

Upgrade and clean your household appliances On top of having your electrical fittings and systems inspected, it is also recommended that you upgrade and clean your appliances. Opt for upgrading those appliances which you cannot do without. Appliances like refrigerators, electric fans, and kitchen appliances are some great examples to consider in this aspect. High humidity and moisture in the air during monsoon can be detrimental to your electrical appliances. With high humidity and moisture, there is a growth of fungus and mould. These two can increase the probability of electrical hazards. Inspect the wiring of your house to ensure that there are no faulty cables. If there is a fault in the wires, replace them by buying wires from reputed cable manufacturing companies in your area.

Avoid doing electrical chores It should go without saying that outdoor electrical tasks should be avoided in monsoon. Unless you know how to handle electrical accessories well, you should stay indoors and away from potentially dangerous electrical systems during heavy rainfall. Working on electrical systems that are drenched in water is extremely hazardous. On the other hand, while indoors, electrical assignments are less dangerous. But you must perform them with utmost caution. Avoid touching any electrical part with wet or damp hands as the slightest wetness can cause danger.

Ensure that your house is grounded When people say grounded, it often implies that they experienced a non-fatal and slight electrical shock from touching an appliance. However, the meaning of home being grounded has a more significant meaning. It usually denotes the connection of metallic parts from your appliances and devices to an earth plate found under the ground. By making your home adequately grounded lowers the chances of electrocution by touching an exposed wire subconsciously. Hire the services of professional electricians to make your house properly grounded during the monsoon.

Ensure the inspection of your electrical fittings before monsoon If you want to lessen your encounters with electrical hazards, the examination of your electrical accessories is a must. During the dry season, make sure that all the accessories, as well as the primary meter of the house, are being checked by a professional. If there is a fault in the main meter of your home, then the efficiency of the earth wire can be affected. This can be extremely dangerous. If your house still has an old meter, opt for electronic meters from smart meter manufacturers.

It is important to remember that rainy season doesn't just bring respite from the scorching heat but also additional hazards which can cause severe damage. The danger of handling electrical appliances increases when the rain starts to fall. Tread cautiously and wisely by taking help of the above tips.

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