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LED Batten Tube Lights : Everything You Need To Know


LED Batten Tube Lights

LED batten tube lights are a type of LED batten light that is specifically designed for use in damp and dusty environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are also known as LED batten moisture proof lights or LED batten waterproof lights. They provide uniform, spot-free illumination in a variety of settings. They are prized for their energy efficiency. and can save users up to 40% on energy expenditures when compared to fluorescent tubes. 

LED Batten Tube Lights - Perfect for any environment

  • LED batten lights with a higher brightness level and IP rating would be appropriately used when exposed to dust and moisture in a garage space.
  • LED batten lights are commonly used in shops as part of consumer lighting, and depending on the size of the store, these places may have a moderately brightened LED batten light that helps illuminate it just as required.
  • A warm tone of natural white LED batten light may illuminate the halls of homes, offices and schools with a pleasant and tranquil environment.
  • LED batten tube lights in offices include a balance of brightness that does not visually disturb the employees.
  • LED batten tube lights illuminate open spaces like warehouses to keep everything visible when needed.

What to consider while choosing the right LED batten tube light?

LED batten lights meet a variety of indoor lighting requirements, and they do so with several advantages. As a result, when it comes to selecting the best-LED batten lighting, keep the following points in mind:

  1. The LED Batten Light's Design: LED batten lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; thus, when selecting one, keep in mind the place where it will be installed. Make sure to measure the length, height, and width of the lamp in relation to the room where you intend to install it to ensure sufficient light coverage.
  2. Colour Temperature: When selecting LED batten lights, you will have access to a wide choice of colour temperatures, including warm white, neutral white, and cool, which is a blue tone. You can select and install the colour temperature based on the mood of the atmosphere of the space.
  3. Brightness Level: Another factor to consider when selecting LED batten lights is its brightness, which is measured in lumens. A glare would be created by excess brightness, which is hazardous to the eyes, and poorly lit batten lights would dull the space. As a result, while selecting LED batten lighting, it is critical to choose the right wattage according to the requirement of the space.
  4. Dimming Function: Some LED batten tube lights are dimmable, while others are not. So, if you want LED batten lights with dimming capabilities, you must select a model that includes this feature.
  5. Price & Warranty: LED batten tube lights have a longer lifespan under a budget price, but when selecting the best LED batten light, be sure to buy one with a guarantee so that you can be confident in its durability and quality.
  6. IP Rating: Ingress Protection (IP) Rating is a grade that will assist you in selecting an LED batten light that is resistant to dust and moisture. Sometimes lights are installed in locations with moisture and dust, and these situations require an LED batten light with a higher IP rating.

LED Batten Tube Lights offer a number of advantages over traditional fluorescent tube lights, including longer lifespan, less heat emission, better light quality, and environmental friendliness. If you are looking for a new lighting solution for your bathroom, kitchen, or other damp or dusty area, LED batten tube lights are a great option to consider.

Why Choose HPL for LED Batten tube lights?

HPL LED batten tube lights are all focused on dependability and energy efficiency. They are designed to have a longer lifespan, and their superior performance is intended to last longer. The components utilised in the manufacture of these lights are also of the highest grade and thus long-lasting.

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