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When to Change and Upgrade Your Electrical Outlets

  • Two-pronged outlets must be replaced. These outlets are risky and can cause permanent damage to appliances because they are not grounded. Make sure that the electrical panel is also rewired which will make your home safe.
  • When the outlets cannot hold plugs, it is time to replace them. These outlets are saying that they are worn out; such outlets can cause arcing, which are known to cause house fires.
  • Some outlets feel hot and not in a good way. Hot outlets indicate damage, loose or worn wires. These are a potential fire hazard in the making.
  • Some electrical companie's outlets change colour over a period of time. You may also observe sparks or flash. Short circuits can leave the outlets discoloured, burned, and damaged. If you have a discoloured outlet in your house, change it immediately. The melted plastic around the receptacle can cause a fire and it is best to bring in a professional to do the job.
  • When you plug an appliance in an outlet, it shouldn't give out smoke, spark, or any burning smell. These signs, which could have happened because of water exposure or a short circuit, call for an immediate inspection. Popping or sizzling sounds indicate a potential fire. If you observe any of the above, you should turn off the outlet and call in professional help.
  • 6. If the electrical outlet doesn't trip when tested, it means it is not protecting you or the appliances any longer. Some outlets from the electrical companies in India are known to last only for a certain time period after which they need replacement. If you live in an area that is prone to power surges or storms, there is an increased chance of damage to the outlet. Therefore, it is important to test outlets regularly and check for any warning signs.

There may be times when an outlet doesn't need replacement but an upgrade. In most cases, advances in technology may offer better electrical solutions and advantages. Here are a few occasions when you can consider upgrading your outlets.

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