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6 Signs that indicate a rewiring of your household is needed


Rewiring your household may come across as an extreme step to take, because, it is and it needs to be done only when it is absolutely necessary. Knowing when precisely to rewire the household is tricky, there are a lot of factors involved and maintenance of each appliance or accessories are only getting more sophisticated. However, in those extreme cases where all of these following factors are present, then a rewiring of the household is needed. Here are the signs that indicate that your house might need rewiring.

1. Light bulbs flickering and burning out.

If you notice that the lights in your household are flickering or burning out constantly, it may suggest that there are some issues with the wiring. The voltage fluctuations may be erratic, causing such a flickering. Furthermore, if the voltage fluctuations increase to the point where they become anomalous and cause fuses to break constantly, there is a clear issue in the wiring of your household.

2. Burning Smell

This is quite an extreme scenario. If you are not able to locate the source of the smell of burning to any electrical device, there has been a short which may escalate into a fire if nothing is done about. In such cases, immediately call an electrician and consult them for whether an entire rewiring is required or not.

3. Not enough sockets

This is more of a practical issue than a technical one. If your household is relying on more of extension cords and the sockets installed are not enough to support various devices, it is best that you rewire the household, upgrade and add new sockets.

4. Buzzing Noises

If you hear any buzzing noise from either switch, circuit breakers or fuses, it indicates that there is an overload of electric current. If the buzzing noise is isolated to electronic appliances, then it may just be an issue with the appliance in questions. Manufacturers of electrical devices as such, provide maintenance which can be called upon for the same.

5. Electric Shocks

If you?re experiencing electric shocks when using switches and sockets, it is a sign that your house needs to be rewired. These shocks could escalate and cause severe damage to whoever gets it. In this case, contact an electrician immediately and get your house rewired. This could also be a cause of improper earthing which needs to be handled on urgent basis as well.

6. Wiring that has been outdated.

Several households do employ Aluminium wiring. However, wires made of aluminium are highly susceptible to damage and need to be replaced immediately. Several top electrical companies provide excellent alternatives for outdated wiring. These need to be installed to ensure that the wires do not wear out and the situation does not escalate to a short circuit.

Rewiring is an big measure and thus, only do it when more than a few of these signs show up. Rewiring is also expensive, but it is sure worth your safety, especially in extreme cases in which it is applicable. Call an electrician immediately if these signs arrive together and get your house rewired.

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