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Electrical switches: Types and its importance


An electrical switch in an electrical device that interrupts the flow of electrons according to the stimulus. Switches are the binary devices so they can be either completely on or completely off or in other words, we can say that a switch is an electrical device which is used to make or break the electronic circuit manually or automatically. There are various types of electric switches from the best electrical companies in India, available in the market but the working principle of all the switches depends on the same ON / OFF mechanism.

These days you can purchase electric switches online from the best electric switches in India right at home, without going to market. You can get a wide range of switches from the best electrical companies in India, available in different colours that are suitable for your homes interior decor. There are many websites where you can browse through a range of switches and purchase electronic switches, cable, and wiring online. Switches are available in different colours like silver, orange, golden, green and yellow etc. So, you can choose switches from the best electrical companies in India according to your needs, suitable for the homes interior decor.


Switches are basically of 4 types based on the difference in functionalities but the overall style of these four categories does not have a great difference.

Here are the types of switches:

Single Pole:

 These electrical switches are also known as toggle switches. Such type of switches have a single input and single output and control just one circuit. A single-pole switch turns a light on and off and operates from a single location. These switches are easy to operate and are the most common switches found in the home.

Double Pole:

 These electric switches control two separate circuits at the same time. A double pole switch works same as the single-pole switches, the only difference is that double pole switches are mechanically operated by the same button, lever, or knob. These switches are also very easy to handle.

Three-way switches:

 A three-way switch consists of a green screw, a darker coloured screw and two brass screws. Three-way switches allow a connection to be controlled from two different locations. The three-way switch does not have the toggle handle switch as one position does not mean that it?s necessarily off or on and it depends on the position of another switch.

Four-way switch:

 While using a four-way switch, it is highly recommended to hire a professional for the installation as it?s not easy. A four-way switch has four terminals and each pair of the terminal is connected to two pairs of travelers. These switches are used when a single connection is operated from multiple locations. Multi-location switch: Multi-location switch is the interconnected by two or more electrical switches which are used to control an electrical load from multiple locations. For instance, it allows lighting in a hallway, large room or stairwell to be controlled from multiple locations.

Importance of electric switches:

All our daily use equipment are connected via switches

Electric switches are used to interrupt the flow of connectivity.

Switches are used to perform all logical functions.

While buying electrical switches, it?s important to buy switches from top 10 switches company in India that are reliable to avoid any mishaps in future.

Another thing that is important while narrowing down your list of potential brands to go with is to ensure that the brand that you choose not only have your desired range of product be it two-way, three-way or four-way but also adhere to all the safety guidelines and regulations to reduce the risk of hazards. HPL is one such brand which checks all the boxes. Being an all Indian brand, HPL not only understands the exact needs of the local audience but also delivers a wide variety of electrical switches including the latest line up of their modular switches to cater to the diverse needs of the diverse nation.

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