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Extend the life of your switchgear


With the increasing use of automated processes and computers, most modern facilities can?t afford downtime. And as processes, technologies, and user demands evolve, an electrical system must evolve with these changes. Following are some tips to enhance your switchgear?s reliability:


Don?t neglect recommended maintenance cycles

Even Switchgear from the best switchgear manufacturing companies in India should be inspected, tightened, cleaned, lubricated, and exercised on a regular basis. The maintenance frequency depends on the conditions of operations. Heat and moisture combined with dust, dirt, or other environmental contaminants will deteriorate the conductive materials, insulation, and protective devices in the equipment at an accelerated rate.

Keep records

If maintenance testing is not utilized to examine the performance of circuit breakers, degradation of the moving parts and insulation may go unnoticed. Switchgear components manufactured by the switchgear manufacturing companies in India may still be functional for a long period of time while being out of tolerance. Hence, testing provides a better idea of the expected life of the equipment and put more emphasis on the areas that need it the most.

Upgrade the equipment

With the advancements in circuit breaker designs conceptualized by electrical equipment industry in India, older technology becomes redundant and is not considered as a sustainable solution. The switchgear lineup could be replaced to take advantage of the more advanced technology. An alternative would be to upgrade the existing equipment with the latest state of the art circuit breakers while leaving the switchgear structure and bussing in place.

Perform a short circuit analysis

If the switchgear components manufactured by the switchgear manufacturers in India don?t have a working short circuit rating, it could damage the equipment and surrounding areas. An analysis of short circuit will determine if the switchgear is rated correctly. Settings of coordinated circuit breaker can prevent interruptions of faults by the switchgear.

Utilize predictive maintenance tools

Besides testing, which can be used to predict maintenance requirements and equipment life, digital monitoring tools developed by are available to give warnings of impending failures. Digital monitoring systems developed by the electrical equipment industry in India have the advantage of recognizing a condition that may not be apparent during a one-time inspection and operate continually.

Recondition the Equipment

An option for intensive maintenance of circuit breakers is in-shop reconditioning, which is performed when the on-site maintenance work scope is unable to bring the circuit breaker within tolerances defined as standard. The circuit breaker is initially tested according to ANSI standards and then completely cleaned, disassembled, and inspected. Damaged parts are replaced or refurbished, and pivot points are re-lubricated before reassembling the circuit breaker.

Power distribution systems and electrical equipment are not designed to remain energized and don?t require any interference. By implementing these tips, you can maximize the reliability and life of your switchgear. However, it is advised to buy switchgears from the best switchgear manufacturing companies in India which manufacture the most reliable electrical solutions in India.

While on one hand, it can be a piece of cake to change your switchgear after a couple of tries, it shouldn?t come to that. As easy or difficult as switchgears may be to replace, choosing a robust and safe product is the right way to go. HPL offers various ranges of power sockets that can also be used in conjunction with other combinations to act as a universal solution. An all Indian brand like HPL not only has decades of expertise in delivering a product that makes India proud but also follow all the safety guidelines and has all the certifications to assure you of its quality and standard.

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