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Five Advantages that MCBs have over Fuses


. To protect your techno gadgets and equipment, it is wise to use a fuse or an MCBs. Both serve by breaking off the circuit that disrupts the flow of electricity thereby removing any further danger. But there are some differences between fuses and MCBs; additionally, MCBs should be preferred over fuses. Let?s look at each one of them in detail.

A fuse is a safety device that protects against overcurrent in an electrical circuit. Its components include a metal strip or wire that melts when there is an excess of electricity flowing through the circuit. When the wire or strip melts, it breaks the circuit thereby interrupting the flow of current. A fuse is a sacrificial safety device i.e. once it has served its purpose, it will have to be rewired or replaced.

Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are more advanced than fuses in that they are electromechanical devices that prevent circuits from overcurrent. Modern MCBs such as that from HPL come with changeover switches that make them particularly good at securing the terminal connection. Unlike fuses, MCBs need not be replaced after a fault and therefore can be reused. MCBs are an improvement over fuses and remove any large operating costs. The main advantages that MCBs have over fuses are as follows:

  1. MCBs are more sensitive to current than fuses. They immediately detect any abnormality and switch off the electrical circuit automatically. This prevents any permanent damage to electrical appliances and human beings. The MCB detects any excess current and breaks the circuit. This is reflected in the tripping of the MCB.
  2. The fault in the electrical circuit can be identified easily if MCB switch is used. In this case, the Off position needs to be found. However, in a fuse, the entire wire needs to be checked. But this is not all! The fuse grip requires to be opened to identify the faulty zone making the work a little more tedious.
  3. Another advantage to using MCB is that the power supply can be resumed almost immediately. The techno MCB changeover switch needs to be pushed backed to the On position. In the case of a fuse, the whole wire will have to be replaced first.
  4. Using and handling an MCB is much easier than using a fuse. This is because unlike the fuse, the user is not exposed to any live wires or parts. But replacing a fuse is a tedious process, one which exposes the person to live current.
  5. The best property of an MCB is that it can be used again and has minimal replacement and maintenance costs. This is not the case with fuses where the whole apparatus may require replacement when a fault is identified.


HPL's changeover switches are an innovative design with Two Pole and Four Pole versions and have a secure terminal connection.
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