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The best HPL 3 phase net meters in India


HPL 3 phase net meters are used in the power industry to detect electrical current and voltage. These devices run continuously, measuring both voltage and the ensuing current being supplied to any electrical circuit. 

The smart revolution of HPL 3 phase net meter

Net metering is a mechanism which allows domestic or commercial users who generate their own electricity using solar panels or photovoltaic systems to export their surplus energy back to the electrical grid. It is environmentally friendly as well as technologically advanced.

The smart energy meter is designed to automatically transmit a household’s usage of electricity so that it may be recorded and analyzed by representatives from the power company. The smart energy HPL 3 phase power meter has several advantages over conventional mechanical meters such as eliminating the need for manual readings due to its ability to collect data in seconds. The real-time pricing system also eliminates any possible errors or confusion when determining how much one should pay given there are no moving parts like with mechanical meters. 

Furthermore, another benefit of using this unique contraption is the ability to determine any potential problems as soon as they arise which proves especially useful because most mechanical meters only give off warnings instead of letting you know right away if something needs replacing.

Features of the phase meter that gives it an edge

The HPL 3 phase net meter is made of UV stabilized transparent polycarbonate, flame retardant high-grade engineering plastic and entails is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It comes with internal battery back up to display meter data in power off event. It also comes in the sealable optical port provision on the cover of the HPL 3 phase net meter box and sealable push buttons provided on the box cover to meet safety requirements and complies with IS:14772.


The best HPL 3 phase net meters 

HPL 3 phase power meters are designed with accuracy and safety as their priority, irrespective of their mounting position. Its accuracy is maintained even under rapid current fluctuations and wide voltage fluctuations of -40% to +20% of vref, making it ideal for both balanced and unbalanced loads.

Another prominent feature is resistance to tempering. The anti-tempering feature of the HPL 3 phase net meter allows correct energy record with the same accuracy under reverse current connection.


The leading manufacturer of power meters in the country, HPL 3 phase net meter boxes are synonymous with the highest standard for decades. We have a team of experienced professionals working on this project who are experts in their respective fields. Our skilled staff perform quality checks at every level of manufacturing to guarantee durability and unmatched performance from our instruments.

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