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5 Ways to cut your household?s electric bill short


Efficient energy consumption is the need of the hour. With conventional sources of energy, nearly exhausting the earth of its resources, all the while causing additional damage to the ozone layer, being energy efficient within your household is the most essential part you could play in dealing with the looming crisis. Cutting your electricity bill short doesn?t have to mean that you compromise on power. Some of the top electric appliance manufacturers in the country consider efficiency and superior performance a top priority. Here are a few ways you could cut your electric bill short.

1. Heating devices need to be used judiciously

It is winter season and thus, the various heating devices would come out to keep you all warm and fuzzy. However, it is important that you use these devices quite judiciously and only when they are necessary. Many heaters use around 1500 watts of energy. This applies to all other appliances that convert electric energy to heat, be it the iron, radiator, electric geyser or a water heater. All of these appliances must be used judiciously to ensure more efficient usage of electricity.

2. Efficient Lighting strategies.

All of the lighting devices within a household are yet another great contributor to electricity consumption. Using LED lights is certainly helpful as they use 75-80% less electricity as compared to a traditional incandescent light bulb. Furthermore, it is advised to use natural light whenever possible. And finally, it does go without saying but make sure that all lighting devices are switched off when not in use. It is rudimentary and hence all the more important.

3. Choosing products carefully

Across the various electrical equipment companies in India, there are only a few that provide with excellent energy-efficient products. Most of the top manufacturers set efficiency as a clear priority for each of their products. Hence as a consumer, you share an equal responsibility to buy products that are rated quite well in the B.E.E. star labels.

4. Being mindful of little things

Several little things may compound and result in a significant amount of energy consumption if they aren?t checked for mindfully by each member of the household. Ensuring that phones aren?t being charged overnight, TVs or other appliances have been switched off when not in use, the electric geyser has been turned off, the heaters or radiators have been turned off when you leave the house etc. These small details are easy to miss but when combined they sure can cause a significant increase in your electric bill.

5. Employing Smart Meters

Smart meters let the consumer and the electricity suppliers know with the greatest clarity the amount of electricity the consumer has used up. Smart meters record near real-time energy consumption readings and notify the consumer of the same when their set limit is exceeded. The process is hassle-free and automatic. Hence, employing smart meters would go a long way in reducing your electric bill.

Conserving electricity is something that has been taught to most of us since we were little. And it?s all for good reason, as it continues to be a habit that needs to be inculcated and conditioned into every single individual to ensure a better future for all of us.

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