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Signs your light switch is going bad


Light switches are usually unproblematic and easy to be taken for granted. They get used a million times over a span of several years, until they start behaving abnormally, demanding a change. Usually, signs of corrupted or damaged light switches are clear and obvious. For example, presence of an audible snap, pop while you?re flipping the switch for turning an appliance on or off, the switch happens to get stuck in middle. Similar to the rest of the electrically easy machines, light switches consist of numerous shifting parts. Over the period of several years, they get worn out and damaged. Their connection becomes loose and exterior body made of plastic is more likely to break requiring replacement. Several Electrical equipment manufacturing companies in India such as HPL offers a varied range of superior quality Light switches that are highly durable and sturdy in nature. Here are signs that are observant when light switches are damaged.

1. Warm Sensation

While turning on or off, you might get a warm sensation after touching the switch, especially when it has been switched on for a long time. Usually, this is considered normal. But, you must be aware that it is harmful when a standard toggle light switch starts radiating a warm sensation on touch. Such light switches must always feel cool or neutral. The moment it starts feeling hot or warm, you must know that it?s time to get a new one!

2. Spotting Sparks

On a few circumstances, you?re likely to witness small sparks while flipping the switch to turn on or off an appliance. This is termed a "load arc", which usually takes place when the connections within the light switch get separated or fall apart from each other. However, if there is a big spark with a snap sound, you must realise that the light switch has been damaged. You must get a new switch if you witness scorch marks or smoke flowing out of the light switch.

3. Switch is Noisy

Usually, properly working switches don?t make any kind of sound or noise. But, as soon as you start hearing buzzing, clicking, or popping noises, coming from the switch, something is not right with the switch. Perhaps, it is not working properly. It is time to replace the switch. Electrical equipment manufacturers in India like HPL produce the best light switches, modular switches, and smart switches for all your electrical or technological needs in all sorts of spaces.

4. Fussy Appliance fixtures

At least once in a lifetime, we have all come across a light switch that doesn?t work right. Occasionally it turns on, and sometimes it doesn?t. Sometimes, perhaps it flickers before or while turning on. Replacing a new bulb doesn?t fix the flickering. If this occurs continuously or repeatedly, the connections that are being made within the switch aren?t proper, and hence, it is time to replace the light switch with a brand new one!

If you witness any one or all of these signs, kindly get on a call with your electrician and ask for light switch changes to avoid any future accidents.

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