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Four Ways to Raise Energy-Smart Kids


Raising energy-smart kids would require instilling good habits concerning the judicious use of energy-habits that they can practice during their lifetime. Here are some ways that you can raise kids who are conscious about their carbon footprint

  • Trips and blown fuses: These faults require an electrician particularly if you have them repeatedly during a short period of time. Regular trips are a tell-tale sign that there is an underlying fault that needs rectification. If you avoid calling a professional, the chances are that the system will continue to take more load eventually leading to a major collapse.
  • Get them perked up for a large goal: Teaching children about how much your energy plan costs money can be a difficult subject. Instead, help them understand the process and consumption by creating a simplified plan. Through this simple chart, they will be able to understand how much watching TV costs on an hourly basis, a video game costs differently, and so on. Another chart can help them achieve a large goal, say, for instance, a vacation of their choice or an item that they had been wanting to have. The idea is to get the kids to do more activities that do not use energy such s reading, playing games or other such activities. For each such activity, they earn a sticker on the chart. When they reach the top, the money that they have been able to save by saving energy can be used to buy the item of interest. This simple process can help children to understand how they can contribute in real time to save energy and electricity usage and the importance of being energy-smart.
  • Get them involved in exciting energy-saving activities : Kids are better at learning concepts through experiential learning instead of having to listen to lectures on saving energy. Honestly, no one really likes lectures! Instead, plan some fun activities that can be done on the weekend as a family. Instead of using a car, ride bicycles. You could also have a discussion on how walking and riding a bicycle can help conserve energy and save money. Plan energy-free family nights when the family switches off all gadgets and engages in some old-timed fun. You could play charades or spend the night reading books and telling stories. It is important to let kids understand that they can achieve fun without the help of devices. Alternatively, you can make a game of finding out the defaulter i.e. the person who has wasted energy. At the end of the week, the person who has the least defaults (and has saved energy) is the winner.
  • Get them to understand about local energy: Urbanization often ends up alienating individuals from the source point. For instance, it is hard to imagine the hard work put in by farmers when we buy processed products from the supermarket. It is the same with energy. We don't even know whether the local energy comes from. The same goes for our kids. Therefore, a good idea would be to find the source of the energy including commercial lighting. Take your kids to a nearby power plant that offers tours. Or if that is not possible, look online for such a tour. Once children witness the work that goes into producing energy, they are less likely to waster energy. They become active participants and become conscious of their decisions and consequences.
  • Get them to find alternative ways of saving energy: A good way to start would be to have a conversation about how they can contribute to saving energy by changing the AC temperature by only a couple of degrees. Both in summers and winters, children can find ways to cool or keep themselves warm. Adding another layer of warm clothes or sitting inside a blanket can reduce the necessity of turning on the heater. Put your kids in charge of temperature control aspects and ensuring the comfort in different rooms during different seasons.
    Conserving energy is not necessarily limited to innovations by electrical companies in India and abroad. It is possible if each and everyone participates and contributes.


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