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What is Grounding and Why is it Important

  • What is the purpose of a ground wire: The ground wire is dug into the earth, hence the name, outside the house. The purpose of the ground wire is to act as a safety valve removing any excess or undesirable electricity from the home. The ground wire is connected to the electrical panel and therefore with all the electrical outlets inside the home. The concept behind the ground wire is simple: opposites attract each other. The positive charge of the electrical system is attracted to the negatively charged energy in the ground, therefore, creating a safe space for the discharge of excess energy.
    The ground wire is essential for protection and safety.
    When there is an excess electricity build up within the system and there is no place for this energy to go to, there are increased chances of electrocution or fires. In the absence of a ground wire, home electrical systems are prone to more electricity-related accidents.
    Keeping in mind that electricity excesses are quite common not just in commercial settings but also in homes, grounding is essential. Whenever you are plugging into an electrical device or appliance, the power not that is not used is in excess and would require a safe place underground for discharge. Power excesses also emanate from power lines, appliances which cycle on and off, and lightning strikes. All these instances require a good grounding access in order to render the inhabitants of the home safe.
    But there is another instance, where a good grounding adds to safety. This is the case of surge protection, particularly required if you have expensive electronics at home. While most electrical companies in India offer surge protectors, these offer better protection when they are paired with the adequate ground.
    When there is adequate grounding, the excess current flow is removed, eliminating threats. In addition, it also removes other dangerous paths to the ground. In the absence of grounding, the excess current can pass through the human body, which is a good conductor thereby electrocuting you. This can cause severe damage and burns. To prevent this from happening, grounding is important.
  • Set up an Electrical Safety Inspection: To find out whether your home is properly grounded, call in for a safety inspection. The absence of proper grounding is particularly common in old houses, which were built before grounding became important or necessary. Modern houses usually have grounding. However, it is possible that mistakes have been made compromising the safety of the house. One of the common mistakes is when the ground crosses paths with water pipes. If the water pipes are made of metal such as copper, there is a good chance that the faucets in the house give electric shocks or even electrocute those using them.
    Make sure that you schedule a safety inspection as soon as possible. It is, after all, better to be safe than be sorry.


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