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Guide To Select The Perfect Indoor Lighting


When you start scanning through lights, you must keep in mind the following things

Budget Uncomplicated use of lights - One must draw a budget on the amount one is planning to spend on lighting. Also, crucial to note that the lights installed should be cost-effective. It is important to keep in mind, that like many decorative items, lights can be complicated design-wise or look-wise. As lights are used frequently, one should pick lights and fixtures that are easy to use and their replacements are easily available in the market.

Utility driven - Ask yourself what is the purpose of light installation in a specific space is it for decorative purpose or frequent use. Usually, people prefer to landscape their living room with a chandelier or something which defines them. The purpose of lights in kitchen and bathrooms are more utility driven just to illuminate the space. So go for practical lighting

Know your taste lifestyle - Before shopping for lights, one must ask what their preferences are, what kind of furniture they have, and what are the wall colours. Age of residents, lifestyle, certainly has to play a role in the kind of lights you pick up. If your furniture in the living room has a traditional look, you might compliment it with an antique looking chandelier. If you prefer contemporary look, go for sleek LED decorative lights. If you entertain a lot at your home, the common spaces should be well lit.

The individual Spaces:

The Entrance - The entrance should always be well-lit. The lights used should be inviting to those who live there as well as to guests. Use of accent lights or a hanging fixture is more apt for this space.

Complicated Living room - his could be the room where you spend maximum time for entertaining guests, watching TV or just lazing around. This room should have permanent wall mount fixture which are for regular use. They can vary depending on what you prefer a bright room or a warm, dimly lit room. Have an option of a chandelier or a decorative centre top, which can be used when you have guests.

Well-lit Dining room - Dining room are conventionally well-lit spaces where you gather to share a meal with your loved ones. You may decorate the space with a large pendant or a simple chandelier. Have wall-mounted fixtures as well. The idea is to keep the look of this room basic and simple.

Cosy Bedroom - It all depends on what one prefers, for a cosy bedroom go for warm lights. Options that can used are a combination of overhead lights and table lamps, especially for those who prefer to read when they hit the bed.

Define the kitchen - As a thumb rule kitchen should be well-lit and well ventilated. Use pendants or wall mounted fixtures in this room. You can add extra brightness to your kitchen by using under cabinet lighting. Make use of LED strips in a creative way to make the room brighter. A little bit of planning is must go for this room, depending on where the stove is located and where you use the grinders and other electrical gadgets. Prefer white lights for this room.

Dazzle the Bathroom - Well not necessarily. If you have a mirror above the sink, use could sconces. Feel free to use accent lights on the walls to illuminate the room.

Before you start shopping know that there are three types of lights ambient, accent and task. Size of room also matters before you pick any light. Have the option of dimmers to illuminate rooms as per your mood.

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