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5 Reasons When You Should Call Your Electrician

  • Trips and blown fuses: These faults require an electrician particularly if you have them repeatedly during a short period of time. Regular trips are a tell-tale sign that there is an underlying fault that needs rectification. If you avoid calling a professional, the chances are that the system will continue to take more load eventually leading to a major collapse.
  • Flickering lights: Flickering lights are quite annoying. But if your home or building has this fault time every now and then, it means that there are there is an appliance overload-too many appliances being used at the same time. This is obviously going to put much pressure on the system.
  • Warm electrical systems and switches : When your power points or switches are too warm, they are likely to give electrical shocks in the future. This also means that there is an excessive demand placed on the circuit.
  • Power points without the three-point plug space: If you do not have enough space for three prong ground plugs, it is time to call the electrician. This means that your building or home isn't grounded and that you are not safe.
  • Overloaded power points: Overloaded points again indicate excessive system pressure. It is dangerous and leads to short circuits, shocks, and fires. Calling the electrician is the smarter thing to do.
    If you find any of the above things happening in your place, call your electrician immediately and sort them out.

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