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What you need to know about the smart electric wires

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE SMART ELECTRIC METERS Smart electric meters are electronic devices which can track and record the use of electricity in customer's homes. Electrical Boards across the country have been replacing the old analogue meters with the new and high-tech digital smart meter versions. These smart meters are adept in automatically capturing information about electricity consumption and then transmit it back to the electric service providers. Various switchgear manufacturers in India are working in collaboration with state electricity boards to manufacture domestic as well as commercial smart meters. Here's a look at the benefits that intelligent meters usually present to modern households.

SMART METERS FACILITATE EASY ACCESS TO VIEW ELECTRICITY USAGE One of the highlighting traits of an intelligent meter lies in the fact that the user can easily view the current consumption of electricity. In traditional analogue meters, it was not possible. Many smart meters can also hold historical information about past energy consumption with usage. This helps households to save money by reducing their electricity consumption. These meters are user-friendly, which is another reason for their high popularity. With the help of smart meters, the consumers can benefit from the following.

  • 1.Consumers can be informed remotely or locally
  • 2.Allowing the consumer to reduce costs by increasing consumption during off-peak cheaper tariff periods
  • 3.Multi tariff options can also be added
  • ACCURATE BILLS Smart meters manufactured by the private electrical companies in India mean the end of estimated bills. Gone are those days when a stranger would come to your home to take readings. With the help of a smart meter, the data can be sent automatically to an electric company's database. Being digital, there are fewer aberrations in the calculation process of the monthly consumption of electricity units.

    Advantages for electrical companies
    1.Eliminates manual monthly meter readings
    2.Makes it possible to use power resources in an effective manner
    3.Facilitates real-time data which is useful for balancing electrical loads 4.Reduces power outrages
    5.A digital and smart meter is tamper-proof. This means that the user cannot tamper with the meter readings
    6.It enables dynamic pricing which raises or lowers the cost of electricity based on demand

    HELPS IN THE FORMATION OF GREEN ENERGY TARGETS The data collected from smart meters will allow government agencies and electric boards to create environmental initiatives aimed at limiting the impacts of increased energy usage. Smart meters are an integral part of the integration of renewable energy. Based on the usage pattern of electricity consumption, various strategies can be formed by the government to limit excessive pressure on non-renewable sources of energy.?

    1.Helps curb existing greenhouse emissions from power plants
    2.Reduces pollution created by vehicles driven by meter readers
    3.Helps to minimize power outrages
    Smart meters manufactured by the top private electrical companies in India facilitate in more effective grid management. By installing a smart meter, you can open gateways for the effective delivery of energy services. So, opt for a smart meter today and contribute holistically to the environment.

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