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What is Net metering and how does it work?

Let us understand exactly what net metering is and what all phenomenal advantages we get by switching to net metering.

Net metering is a digital metering system more like a billing apparatus for the solar energy meter owners. It even allows its users to store the surplus power generated into the grid when they do not require it and get a credit on the electricity bill.

Needless to mention solar energy meter is a renewable source of energy which is eco-friendly. Moving on to the benefits users get, Solar energy meters are digital meters known to reduce the electricity bills. In addition, they do not require installation of expensive battery setups. The energy can be stored to be used in the winter months when there is little or no sunlight and also giving you a huge relief from the aggressive power cuts during the summer months. The users can take some dependency off the electric grids as the net meters totally work on digital panels. You can even generate revenue from the excess power generated from the digital panels.

HPL Electric Power Limited is a superior electrical accessories manufacturer having an extensive presence across net metering accessories. The organization is particularly working towards innovation of electrical accessories which are smart and rely on renewable sources of energy.

We are a trusted brand with 40+ experience as an electrical accessories manufacturer electrical equipment supplier and a smart metering company in the Indian Electrical Industry. We as an organization are highly capable to cater the present and upcoming needs of the Indian electrical market.

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