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Save your time and energy with smart meters

Smart meters or energy meters or digital meters automatically record the readings and send the data to your supplier. Hence, no more inaccurate bills. The smart meter national programme in India aims to replace 25 crore conventional meters with smart meters in India. This will help in reducing commercial loss of utilities. It will also enhance revenue and serve as a pivotal tool in power sector reforms.

What is a smart meter?

Meters have been omnipresent for the last century. They record the energy consumption which helps the providers to roll out respective bills for the users. Now, the smart meter and the traditional meter have a very minute change. The smart meter acts as a remote device for your supplier which helps in getting accurate readings by the clock. This eliminates the need for a meter reader altogether.

Scope in India

HPL is one of the most renowned electrical brands that focus on rolling out the best smart meters. We understand the need for smart meters in India. A developing nation like India needs smart meters in order to save a lot on the loss of utilities. Technology depreciates with time and becomes a liability instead of an asset. So, its important to upgrade it with time.

How do you save energy and the planet with smart meters?

The new-age digital meters display accurate info which is updated every 15 minutes. This eliminates the need for a meter reader allowing the supplier to save up money and time that can be invested in something else. It also highlights if the appliance is faulty. Just because you are aware of your usage, it will help you spend and use energy accordingly. According to many estimates, you?ll save 24% in emissions from businesses alone by 2030.

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