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Lighting Ideas for Diwali

The only festival we wait all year to come is just around the corner. Diwali- The festival of lights, as the festival is known to be, is for everyone to light up their beautiful homes and welcome Goddess Lakshmi. So, it’s time to take out all the decoration materials and get ready to outshine every other home in your neighborhood.

Your space reflects your taste and style and we’ve got the perfect guide to light up your homes in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

HPL is one of the few LED Lighting manufacturers in India that has a variety of lighting solutions that are energy efficient and durable along with state-of-the-art technologies. Make your home the brightest with our innovative and consumer-friendly lights, and choose from the wide spectrum of lighting products portfolio.

HPL Chameleon Light- The HPL Chameleon light is innovatively designed to have 4 colours in 1 bulb. It operates through remote control up to 25 meters distance. This is one of a kind glare-free bulb. It provides both utility and aesthetics to complement your home and office space.

HPL Glo-Green Bulb- HPL’s Glo LED is a highly efficient low weight bulb. It is engineered to bear high voltage fluctuation. Premium lighting is made even better as these bulbs are not only energy-efficient but also consume low power, provide over-voltage protection, and are eco-friendly.

HPL LED ‘R’ Lamp- Available in 3W to 50W range HPL’s LED ‘R’ lamp has a wide view angle that provides light to every corner of the room. Their lighting can enhance and transform the interiors of your home. They provide more than 90% energy saving solutions than an incandescent lamp.

HPL Tara- This is a horizontal and vertical adjustable light. It is creatively used to impart a distinctive lighting effect to any place. It has a glare free light output and provides a wide lighting range.

Dazzle LED- This is Best in class LED with high levels of efficiency and color rendering. It has optimized heat sink design that gives better thermal management to ensure a longer lifetime than normal LED light in India. This LED acquires low maintenance cost due to low energy consumption and no re-lamping hassle.

LED Panel- Clean Room Solution is one of the best amongst LED panel manufacturers in India. HPL Led panel provides utility and gives an aesthetic appeal to your homes and office spaces/shops. It is engineered to have excellent heat dissipation through high purity, high thermal conductivity heat sink. They are not only very trendy and save space but also add luxury to your living hall, room, patio, and even bathroom.

HPL is one of the few LED manufacturers in Delhi and LED light manufacturers in India that offers such a wide variety of Lighting Solutions from downlighters, LED panels, LED battens, spotlights to architectural lights and LED ceiling lights.

HPL wishes you and your family a very Happy Diwali!

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