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Double Break Changeover Switch with side handle<
Salient Features
  • Range 32A - 63A 2P 240Vac for On Load switching.
  • For On Load three phase source changing over Range 16A, 32A, 63A & 100A 4P 415Vac.
  • Off Load Changeover operations Range 20A - 2000A 4P 415 Vac.
  • Conforming to IS 13947 part 3/93.
  • Ideally suited for Individual installation in power distribution in Residential / Commercial building and Industrial Installations
  • Strong Operating Handle to drive the Quick make-break mechanism.
  • Silver plated terminals suitable for Copper/ Aluminum Cable/ Bus Bar termination.
  • Terminal Cover Shroud to prevent any accidental contact with live parts.
  • Switches are provided with Door Interlock.
  • Electrical contacts are made of Electrolytic Grade Copper, Silver Plated.
  • Ample Cabling space provided in detachable gland plates.
  • The enclosures are surface mounted, made of thick gage CRCA sheets, Rust protected, Phosphatised with 7 tank cleaning systems and powder coated for long life.
  • Healthcare
  • InternetDataCenters
  • CommercialBuildings
  • Industrialbuildings
  • TelecomCentralOffice
  • ProcessManufacturing
  • DistributionPower/Loadmanagement
  • HVAC
  • Telecommunication
  • BMS
  • AMF
  • UPS
  • Servo