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Osafe MCB
Salient Features
  • Range : 0.5Amp - 63Amp in SP, SPN, DP, TP, TPN, FP
  • Specification : IS/IEC-60898-1
  • Rated Voltage : 240/415V AC, 50Hz
  • Rated Breaking capacity 10kA & Energy Limit Class 3
  • Installation and removal of MCB without removing Busbar, as 3 position mounting clip makes it possible
  • Bi-connect termination on both sides & snap fitting on accessories
  • Padlock/Sealing facility : Contact position indicator red/green
  • Cable termination capacity of wire upto 35sq.mm.
  • Can be sealed with leads in the ON or OFF position
  • High Selectivity between MCB and back-up device due to low let-through energy.
  • Meets the requirements of insulation co-ordination, distance between contacts>4mm, for secure isolation
  • Tested at 16kA Icu as per IEC 60947-2, SPC 16A.
  • House
  • Factory
  • Equipment?s
  • Machines
  • Invertors
  • Complex
  • Buildings
  • Offices