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CT2EMG Plus(Dual Source)
Salient Features
  • Measures kWh of 2 sources in one meter for Three Phase Four Wire LV electrical Network.
  • Parameters measured:
    a. Active energy from mains supply (grid).
    b. Active energy from generator supply.
  • Separate Pulse Output for Mains/Generator energy.
  • LCD with backlit display.
  • Three push buttons on the front panel for programming.
  • Relay Outputs for V, I, kW, kVA, F, kW Demand, kVA Demand.
  • Last 6 months history Parameters for kWh, and MD through communication.
  • Last 10 event logging for Mains/Generator Switching.
  • Available in Class Accuracy 1.0 & 0.5
  • Separate Models for AC & DC Sensing
  • Dual Energy registration mechanism records Mains Power as well as Genset Energy Consumption used for industrial application & Demand Controller.