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Tool Rooms

We also have two Tool Rooms at our R&D Centres, where we have in-house component designing and tool designing facilities. We manufacture tools for a complete range of MCBs, MCCBs, the internal and external (meter cupboard) for our meters, changeover switches, switch fuse units and LED lamps and certain necessary tools for H.R.C. Fuses and CFLs. Our Tool Rooms are used for making rapid prototypes, followed by moulding designs for tools that are used to ensure efficient moulding process. We manufacture a variety of moulds at our Tool Rooms, including plastic injection moulds, plastic compression moulds, pressure die cast moulds and sheet metal moulds. These Tool Rooms are equipped with CNC machines, which ensures production of quality moulds and tools. The data for our Tool Rooms is generated using CAD software and CNC machines that assist in maintaining accuracy of the tools produced therein. We believe that our Tool Rooms allow us to easily adapt to changes in technology or modified specifications given by Power Utilities and/or institutional customers.