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Core People


Lalit Seth

The Chairman cum Managing Director of the HPL Group, Mr Lalit Seth is the vision behind HPL’s success and reputation in the market today. With more than 47 years of experience in the Electrical Industry, he has been responsible for a series of progressive projects with HPL Group.

Under his inspiring leadership and dynamic approach, HPL stands tall in the Electrical Market segment both in India and abroad. Today HPL’s name is synonymous with Quality, Technology and Reliability in the market all over the globe.


Rishi Seth

An MBA in Finance with more than 20 years of experience, Rishi Seth is a man of sharp vision. As the Joint Managing Director of the group, he has been instrumental in HPL Group’s organic growth and is responsible for shaping the strategic perspective that has lead to the diversification and expansion of HPL in new avenues.

Rishi Seth looks after the Institutional and Government business in addition to a few manufacturing facilities. As a visionary, Rishi Seth has lead HPL to new heights. He has been responsible for HPL’s diversification into new projects as well as EPC projects including building electrical substations. He has also been instrumental in company’s foray into green projects.

His major achievement includes HPL’s growth into utility segment, making the group stand tall as the largest Electronic Energy Meter manufacturer in India and among the largest in the world.


Gautam Seth

With over 19 years of experience in the field of electrical industry, Mr Gautam Seth has carried forward the group with pure dedication and commitment. As a Joint Managing Director of the company, Gautam Seth has been involved foremost in the group’s sales and marketing activities and has spearheaded the group’s various forays into new products and green field projects.

A strong vision, exemplary leadership and expertise in the electrical market have enabled Mr Seth to lead HPL towards the success path.

Mr Gautam Seth is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is responsible for the overall functioning and management of the administration.


C.P. Jain

A Qualified Electrical Engineer & and MBA with 30 years of experience of manufacturing Electrical & Electronic products, Mr.C.P. Jain is on Board of Directors of the company. He has been an important pillar in Company’s growth with his sharp vision and exemplary leadership. In addition to his coporate responsibilities, he heads the R&D centres and the Electronic Meter Division . He is the Chairman of the prestigious IEEMA meter division for the year 2013-14.

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