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Prpeaid Energy Meters
Available in Single Phase and Three Phase.
Allow user to budget their consumption.
Transparent system for utility and Consumers.
Manual Meter Reading system not required.
Projection Meters
Supplied over 8.2 million Single Phase Meters.
Latest ASIC and Microcontroller based digital technology.
Available with E/M counter and LCD type displays.
kWh Meters & MFMs.
Range : LT-CT operated -/5A, CT/PT operated -/5A & -/1A for HT application
Accuracy class 0.5 as per IS 14697/CBIP 88/IEC
Logging & display for tamper data, Load Survey, TOD data
Measurement & recording of harmonic energy
High speed GSM communication 4800/9600 bps
For remote metering application

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